The Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology (ECAST) network brings together academic research, informal science education, citizen science programs, and non-partisan policy analysis to engage citizens. ECAST creates peer-to-peer deliberations to inform citizens about and solicit their input on science and technology policy issues, in an effort to more fully inform decision-making. Formally launched in April 2010, ECAST has conducted large-scale public deliberations in the United States on policy issues related to biodiversity, space missions, and climate and energy.


NOAA Science Center Public Forums9317684494_c8be18beeb_o

Recruiting now! Participants at 8 different science center forums will learn about and discuss how communities should build resilience for dealing with weather and climate-related hazards.

NASA Asteroid InitiativeNASA

This innovative collaboration between NASA and ECAST offered ordinary citizens a say in decisions about the future of space exploration.