Building Resilience to Heat Waves and Extreme
Precipitation: Preparing for Portland’s Uncertain Future

Saturday, May 26

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

How should Portland build resilience for dealing with weather and climate-related hazards in the coming decades? Participants will use visualizations to explore potential vulnerabilities to our infrastructures, social networks, and ecosystems from heat waves and extreme precipitation events. Participants will discuss tradeoffs and uncertainties associated with potential strategies for addressing these threats, focusing on the priorities and needs of relevant stakeholders. At the event’s conclusion, participants will make recommendations for increasing community resilience.

Apply to participate in this day-long forum at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry on Saturday, May 26. The event is designed to gather the opinions of a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Participants don’t need to know anything about the topic to be selected. A stipend will be provided to participants who attend.

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