Driverless Cars Focus Groups

What are citizen concerns about this emerging technology?

Driverless cars are quickly moving from science fiction to science reality. Companies such as Google, Uber, and General Motors are investing heavily in the technology, and these vehicles are already being tested in several sites across the United States. State governments are competing to become driverless car testing grounds for the federal government and attract more investment in the technology for their state. At the business and political level, there are many supporters.

But what does the average person think? While the technology has great promise, there are also many concerns as well. ECAST and the Kettering Foundation are hosting two focus groups in Maryland, home to a federal driverless car testing ground,  to find out.

These two-session focus groups captured personal perspectives on the evolution of driverless car technology from a diverse group of participants. The first session was entirely open-ended and very loosely framed. The second session was more structured, elaborating on concerns that emerge in the first session and introducing aspects of driverless car adoption “missed” in the first session. Through these focus groups, we hope to identify and clarify citizen values, hopes, and concerns for the future of driverless cars.




Cumberland, MDPhoto Credit: Jon Dawson (c) Flickr
August 5 & 12, 2017

Thank you to the Cumberland participants!

Baltimore, MD
Photo Credit: Forsaken Fotos (c) FlickrAugust 13 & 27, 2017

Thank you to the Baltimore Participants!