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To participate in ECAST’s project to inform NASA’s Asteroid Initiative, you will be asked to tell us a bit about yourself—your zip code, your education, your ethnic background, things like that.  We ask for this information only to help us present NASA with a diverse and balanced picture of how the general public thinks about what they’re doing.

Your responses will be aggregated with other responses, and your individual comments will be included in our report to NASA completely confidentially That is to say that none of your responses will be tied to your personal information, your name, your email address, nor any piece of data that can be personally associated with you.

You will also be asked to complete a survey with questions about your opinions on NASA, science, and how science and technology policy is formed.   And we’ll ask you similar questions after you’ve participated in the deliberation.  We want to see whether your experience has changed how you think about these issues.

No one will be turned away from participating, everyone’s opinion counts!  But to make sure everyone’s opinion counts equally, we ask everyone to complete the same demographic and opinions questionnaires before they can access the special content created for this project, and before giving us your ideas and opinions.

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So, if you are ready to participate, start here.  When you submit your registration form, a password will be sent to the email address you enter.  You can change that password to something more familiar after you sign in.

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