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Community Engagement for Environmental Literacy, Improved Resilience, and Decision-Making

An informed, engaged public is essential for increasing community resilience to climate and weather-related hazards like drought, extreme heat, extreme precipitation, and sea level rise. Engaging citizens on issues that are important to them helps researchers and policymakers to develop strategies that effectively address real-world concerns. For the public, learning about scientific processes and uncertainty, along with improved knowledge about measures that can reduce vulnerabilities to hazards, helps make them more involved in and supportive of robust resiliency measures.

This series of 8 forums will allow groups of everyday people to learn about, deliberate on, and have a voice in resiliency strategies being considered in their communities. These forums will be hosted by regional science centers and developed in collaboration with local experts, decision-makers, and NOAA experts. The forums will create a new and replicable model for learning and engagement. They will identify and clarify citizen values and perspectives while creating stakeholder networks in support of local resilience measures.


Museum of Science, Bostonboston-ma_416x416
Sunday, June 11

Applications now closed. Explore potential vulnerabilities arising from sea level rise and extreme precipitation; discuss potential strategies for addressing these threats; and make recommendations for increasing Boston’s community resilience.


Arizona Science Center
Saturday, September 16th

Applications are now closed!  Applicants who have been selected to participate will be notified in the next few days.

Explore potential vulnerabilities arising from drought and heat wave events, discuss potential strategies for addressing these hazards; and make recommendations for increasing Phoenix’s community resilience.

Forums will take place at six other institutions around the US in the spring of 2018.


More details soon!